Sunday, April 1, 2007

week 9: final reflections

1. my favorite discovery on this journey would have to be the capability of posting

the embedded players on the blog. The next favorite is to incorporate and

customized's mini search engine that i rolled for anime downloads.

2. This program is good for introducing me into knowing and applying a few web based

applications on my blog. It shows that there are discoveries on the internet that i have

not known before. It teaches me the discipline of following deadlines and instructions

given. And as a result, there are rewards for me like getting usb cruzers drives or

portable mp3 player. It's almost like getting a day's off: learning something and getting rewards

while working. i hope my work-life will be like these moments from now on.

3. i thought i was perfect and didn't missed any parts on the 23 things. but it's a good thing

that i asked the virtual team to help me recheck my assignment in order to make sure that i

make it through and receive credits. Along with a few encouraging words from 'quehondas' and

the team. Thanks again for extending the deadline to April 2nd.

These are the only surprises that i have so far.

4. I think the program is as good as it gets; like they say, there's always going to be some

margin of errors in a program. but just to kick it up a notch, i think it's better next time to

explore other sites on the web before we zone it into what we been exposed to so far. personally,

i don't know any other applications or web sites out there now. But i hope to participate again in

the future.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

week 6: Technorati (missed topic)

i missed technorati as one of my assignment.

so i'm posting this on march 29 as an addition to week 6.

there are several differences that i see under keyword learning 2.0

in blog posts, tags, and blog directory categories.

Blog directory has links to the blog categories on

it also have an option for me if i want to add a certain blog post to my favorites.

it has tags related to learning 2.o in a blog post.

it has links to other blog postings that are linked through keyword 'learning 2.0'

our picts can also be display in this area of technorati.

in the tags' search on learning 2.0, there are videos and picts posted by bloggers; it also have blog links, and html leading directly to the person's blog.

the blogs' search category leads me to the blog posters' opening statement of thier blogs. There were no html links here though. Links to other bloggers is shown.
In this area of technorati, i can also access postings of the blogger for as well as the original postings on
here we can claim the postings for technorati's customers; provided we sign up for technorati as a member.

SO . . . those are the differences that i noticed so far in the three searched areas

with keywords 'learning 2.0'

here i found a video about 2 otters holding hands! is better than del.ici.ous for sure.

what's neat about technorati too is that there's a rss feed symbol visibly display at the url search bar for me. has this feature also.

I ' m using opera search engine though.  i don't know whether internet explorer display rss on thier url or not.

week 9: audio ebooks

spoken ebooks are much less available than ebooks for sjpl.

i browsed through 'psychology' as the subject under audio ebooks for sjpl

customers, and found around ten.

The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference

is having 2 people ahead of me on the waiting list.

There were no records found for spoken ebook under the subject of psychology

at sjsu though!

week 9: eBooks

i explored and world EBook Fair's site,

couldn't find anything free there.

now for the sjlibrary ebook site, there are those ebooks

that are exclusively available for sjsu students and staff.

but under the subject of psychology, i went into netLibrary, found plenty

one of the ebook from there is

feeling good for no good reason, i logged into my sjpl account and read some.

i guess from there i can email the book or copy & paste the text.

However, under the subject of physiological psychology, there were none in netLibrary

It is for sjsu students and staff only.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

week 9: Podcasts

this podcast is from

it is about video game consoles discussion

using mp3 files (audio), which can be play on almost all

players on the PC.

i listened to the library mp3 file of Gordon's WorldCat

cataloging. It informs that their website as a useful tool for referencing and researching purposes.

the Sunnyvale Public Library podcasts offer a site feed of their place.

so i thought it would be nice to put it to my blog.

the title of the podcast that i listened to is Library of the Future

so what did i learned or found that's interesting?

a few things: first of all the tech podcasts about game consoles gives me a headache

because there were 3 or 4 people talking nonstop one after another.

it was kinda hard to follow. maybe it's kinda fun for others.

i guess i have to be a fanatic or it's required of me to listened to podcasts

or else i prefer video sharing better.

week 9:

here's a video from that i've chosen.

i thought it was neat because it's something that i don't see everyday:

dog walking on treadmill.

it's an advertisement on dog training.

if i have a dog, i would let it run on the treadmill too. There will be times when i don't

want to run outside.

of course, just like the 23 things web posts said: there are videos that is wasting time if i watch them
but there are other ones that are entertaining as well as informative like

lucy on treadmill.

of course, this video should be noncommercial.

perhaps should extend their video postings to a limited educational, outreach and commercialized video postings. And perhaps, live personnels who could chat to help the community.

Such usage can promote learning and better serve the community in healthy ways.

Let's say that i am a high school student feeling depressed, i can logged into

and search the category of counseling and chat about my situations to the mentors or counselors for

Thursday, March 22, 2007

week 8 continued: LibraryThing

i 've created an account with LibraryThing

under the username of asn26.

it gave me the html and xml (feeds)

codes to upload to this blog.

and here's a brief reviews of my favorite reading books:

fictions and non fictions on the right. below

is the list of non fictions that i liked:

love is never enough
never good enough
feeling good

the fictions' collection is

clan of the cave bears
shelters of stone
the complete collection of calvin and hobbes

below is the direct html to the reviews:

surprisingly to me, non of the non fictions are reviewed by anyone

on the LibraryThing site?

The Clan of the Cave Bears is the most popular of my collection

the least popular is : Never Good Enough |o|

none of my collection made it to the top 25 or the top 25 reviewed

One of the fun statistics listed is that 3 of my collections' original language is english